Now is your chance to get in while it’s still obtainable.

Professional mining rig builder/computer specialist with years of experience. I’m offering to build you a mining rig to mine Etherium crypto currency includes setup, monitoring, maintenance and help with questions. If you are interested in getting familiar with crypto currency and making a passive profit get in contact. Upfront parts cost, I do the ordering and building/setup to your location of choice. I also do Bitcoin if that is more of your interest.

You Buy The GPU’s, I Buy and Build/Set it up including programming, wiring, configuration, tweaks for the lowest power usage and highest mining power. I will monitor, support, answer all questions, help setup a wallet and teach you how to back it up.

I Charge a flat 20% fee for Support, building, tweaking, updates and maintenance for the lifetime of the Mining Rig. every month 80% will be sent to your wallet and 20% to mine. this is my contract to you for all I do to keep the mining going smoothly.

PARTS Required:

GPU: Currently the hardest to find and most expensive part of the mining system. I will locate and send you a link to buy 1-6 GPU’s how ever many you would like to start with for a small rig setup. they run $229-300 for a single GPU. – They Must be a RX 570 or RX 580 8GB. alternatively they can be GTX 1060 6GB if you can locate them cheaper or faster, buy them. (6-8GB is mandatory) The more you have the more volume you will mine Etherium.


AMD RX 570 Stock Alert: AMD RX 570 In Stock Tracker –

AMD RX 580 Stock Alert: AMD RX 580 In Stock Tracker –

Ebay Works as does Amazon but the price goes up/down with the current crypto market value.


Motherboard: 6 GPU Motherboard Asus Z-170-AR $140

CPU: Celeron – Lowest Power Usage $80

Memory: 4GB $40

Power Supply: Gold series is required to handle power at a continually $180

Case: Typical 6 GPU mining case – 59.99

PCIE Connectors: 1 per video card is required. $40 for 6

SSD Hard Drive: $40.00

WiFi USB Adaptor: $20

We can always build multiple rigs.

You buy the GPU’s and I’ll buy the rest.

$600.00 will need sent to me via zelle, venmo, credit card or cash so I can buy all the parts needed to build your mining rig.

Maintenance is key to keeping the mining systems running smooth, every 6-12 months I do a heatsink removal and re-paste the GPU’s to keep them running cool. they can last a good 4-6 years or more. I monitor the temps and conditions.


Total Cost at the current market ~ $2100 to $2500 to start up a single 6 GPU Miner. Less if you start with a 1 GPU System.

Return on Investment & Income:

Please understand market value always changes and I am not responsible for market drop or raise.

Please use this link and use these details. 1 GPU runs at 30MH/s and uses 80W of power. you will need to know your power cost per kilowatt hour.

Ethereum Mining Profitability Calculator (

This example shows 6 GPU Mining 24/7 with my cost (Pool Fee) taken out.

You can start with only 1 GPU and build up when you can.

GPU’s – 2 GPU’s would be 60 MH/s and 160w Power Usage- 3 Would be 90Mh/s and 240w Power and so on. (Please Ask if you need assistance understanding this.

Watch in real time one of my clients income from a 8 GPU Mining rig I built. Hiveon Pool – Most profitable and efficient mining pool

Build time is 1 week after the video cards arrive.

If you have any questions please message me on Facebook or E-mail

Contract Available, Use The Contact Us To Start Your Crypto Currency Mining Journey!

The contract is good for 1 year (365 Days) From the date of Signature

I’d like to get started mining, please send me a Contract!